CREECH’S LAKELAND Funeral Home & Creech’s Crematorium Ltd.. is committed to responsible, honest pricing that is transparent & affordable.

We do not have any hidden costs or additional surcharges that are added on during the arrangement process.

  • We have our own crematorium on-site, therefore there is no need to transport the deceased to another location or out of Vermilion for cremation
  • No additional charges based on weight of the individual
  • No policy demanding upgraded cremation caskets for individuals over a certain weight
  • No additional charges if the death occurs at home
  • No additional charges if the transfer is done outside of regular business hours, holidays or weekends
  • No additional fees to pick the medical certificate of death
  • No surcharges for a “RUSH” cremation
  • No additional fees to dress the deceased before cremation
  • Regulatory Board fees are included in our pricing

Our Mission

Our experienced team at Creech’s is here to help you navigate through a difficult time while honoring the life of your loved one. We offer support and affordable funeral services that foster human connection and uplifting remembrance with professionalism and outstanding customer service.

Our Vision

Creech’s is rooted in quality and experience. We offer personalized funeral arrangements to suit the various needs and financial considerations of all families we serve. We are here to guide you ensuring you understand all options available to seamlessly carry out your loved ones wishes as stress free as possible by walking with you through every detail.

Our Values

Compassion, Respect, Dignity, Knowledge, Professionalism, and Kindness